Zapp Osaka Lounge H
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Snow drifted outside the window this morning, did our Suk bring the snow from Korea to Osaka? (*^__^*) Hee hee… (I like to fantasize)

I drove to the venue at 1 pm today. Because of the snow, the highway was not accessible, so I had to make a detour past Kansai airport. It was already past 3 pm when I arrived. After parking the car, I walked over and saw many fans already there buying side products. I also bought a 3-piece set and limited edition desk calendar. Why did I not buy Lounge H T-shirt set? I felt it was too expensive and the design changes every year, but most of all it was too cold!

We assembled at 5 pm. I had just queued up at Area E when the staff started checking our tickets (they were so strict). Then I chatted with the ‘ahjumma’… (I’m talkative). The Japanese ahjumma behind me came from Tokyo, and she had also gone to the 29 Jan LH event. I asked her how she felt about that. She said the venue was full of sweet vanilla perfume (seemed like she didn’t like it) and we talked about many other things.

Time to enter the venue at 6 pm.

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