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[13.12.2011] Love Rain Public Filming

"Ты больше не одна, Я украл твоё сердце, и тебя целиком." (c) KAT-TUN

Интервью японскому телеканалу

"Ты больше не одна, Я украл твоё сердце, и тебя целиком." (c) KAT-TUN
Огромное спасибо тем, кто сделал русские сабы для этого видео!!

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Мини интервью

"Ты больше не одна, Я украл твоё сердце, и тебя целиком." (c) KAT-TUN

Чан Гын Сок защищает «рабский» образ мужчины в «Ты-мой любимец»

"Ты больше не одна, Я украл твоё сердце, и тебя целиком." (c) KAT-TUN

Корейская мужская ассоциация недавно подала прошение о приостановке показа «Ты-мой любимец!» и посчитала оскорбительными отношения между женщиной и мужчиной в этом фильме. В «Ты-мой любимец» показаны отношения пары хозяйки и ее «собачки». Они утверждают, что это «оскорбляет достоинство мужчин».
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Jang Keun Suk Interview

JKS’ occasional lapses into Japanese, forthright laughter and honest conversation – we love it!


My choice to debut as a singer
Now my heart is almost jumping out!

In my teens, I ever thought about whether I could cut an album. At that time, I was still searching for direction as an actor, so I didn’t have much chance. Now, after acting as a singer in my dramas, I thought I could try to be this type of singer and so, I decided to produce my solo album. I remember a line I’ve heard before – Life begins with B and ends with D. B is Birth, C is Choice and D is Death. This means that one is master of one’s life. So I have always been serious in facing the life that I have set for myself. I don’t want to give myself a chance for regrets. But frankly, releasing an album in Japan makes my heart almost jump out… The hit song is “Let me cry”, which represents my passionately burning heart, you must listen to it!

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ELT Interview


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【SUKBAR】ELT PV 張根碩 Interview part3 [JP_CN_English]


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Jang Geun Suk in ‘Hot Chili Pepper’ Magazine – Part II


In this second part of the interview, Jang discusses his more recent roles in Hwang Jin Yi, Hong Gil Dong, Beethoven Virus, and You’re Beautiful. He even reveals his relationship with a girlfriend that influenced his acting for Hwang Jin Yi, which I think is a blessing in disguise.

I loved this interview because he was super frank, and there is definitely a flow in the questions that allowed him to discuss each drama and makes me suspect he was prepared to answer each question. Nevertheless, it was nice to read an interview that does not involve a lot of girlfriend rumors either.

In 2006, Jang Geun Suk finally met the role he was destined for and that is Hwang Jin Yi.

In Hwang Jin Yi, he acted as Ha Ji Won’s first lover Eun Ho. They adore each other, but their love ends in tragedy due to their gap in social status. At that time, South Koreans had different opinions about this role – they worry about the age gap between Geun Suk and Ji Won, and there were a lot of criticisms on his acting skills.

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Jang Geun Suk in ‘Hot Chili Pepper’ Magazine – Part I


The following interview is a translated piece from the Japanese magazine Hot Chili Pepper. In this interview, he speaks frankly about his acting career. He talks about how his mom raised him – and paints a remarkable portrait of her character – and about two films that I love and am sorry he’s so disappointed with.

Q: Let us start with the drama The Reign of Women (여인천하;) that you starred in during your childhood years? (Note: “The Reign of Women” is also known as “Ladies of the Palace”)

A: At that time I was 15 years old, but I was still a child actor at that time, I don’t think I can introduce myself with the particular work. I started becoming a model when I was around 6 years old and I debuted as a child actor when I appeared on television in the 1997 drama Happiness for Sale.

Q: Do you still remember the scenes during the filming?

A: In The Reign of Women, whether it was the day I wore hanbok during filming on a snowy day or the time I fell down in the village… I remember all of them, my memory is very good. I still remember, there was a scene where the young Nan Jung was carrying a jar, and I was supposed to throw a stone at the jar to break it, but because I missed, it hit the kid’s face instead.

Q: Were you afraid of the adults at the filming site?

A: Yes I was afraid of them (laughs). I cried a lot of times at the filming site. The filming site is also a part of the community, although the adults around me say that I’m cute, and treat me very kindly. On the other hand, I am a child actor – as an actor, there are certain things one cannot do. But when I was young I didn’t know that, I just played happily with the older boys because I was so excited about the props at the filming site. So when the adults scolded me, ‘How can you not read your sсript yet?’, I cried a lot of times. Since acting in Happiness for Sale, I always travel to the filming site by myself. Taking the bus and subway… my parents has never accompanied me to the filming sites, not even once.

Q: Only by yourself?

A: A child actor does not have a manager (laughs). Besides that, my mother is the type who won’t accompany me to filming sites, I’m grateful to her when she did that. Hating to ask the staff at the filming site, “Please take care of my son.”, my mother wanted me to become strong, so that no matter what problems I face, I would not just cry away only…. Of course, I did cry at the time, now I can withstand all sorts of challenges.

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[9 Jan 2011] Ole TV Interview

Переведено Naoos специально для DIARY.RU

Какие чувства ты испытываешь к Ole?

JKS:Я впервые в Тайланде. Я немного нервничаю. Спасибо всем друзьям,кто пришел сегодня.

Оле стала почвой для еще больше людей узнать меня. Я чувствую себя счастливым.

Мы закончили рекламу вчера и это было счастливое сотрудничество.

Какая была атмосфера на съемках? Были интересные случаи?

JKS:Очень радостная.Работал с требовательным директором.

Сюжет рекламы очень хорош,с хорошой музыкой и танцами, и я хотел проявить свой полный потенциал.

Было затрачено много усилий в съемку. Надеюсь снова побывать здесь.

Слышали,что ты съел много сладкого Ole.Как вкус?

JKS:Очень вкусно. Вовремя съемок я ел так много, что набрал вес,

поэтому я немного переживал,что мне придется снова сесть на диету.

Но это было очень вкусно и я хотел поделиться каждым кусочком со всеми своими корейскими фанами.

Услышав это,режиссер Ole подарил мне 100 кг сладостей

(Комментарий ведущей, что JKS скорее разрушит эмаль зубов,чем станет толще)

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[Engsub] Every little thing interview _ Jang Geun Suk _part 1+2


Jang Keun Suk